Helpful Hints

Make sure that the unit is in good clean condition. Fix all loose handles; paint where needed; clean the carpets; be certain that the bathroom and kitchen are spotless. Let the tenant know that you are a good landlord and take pride in your property. Don’t wait until it’s rented to do the work: a clean apartment will rent much faster and to a better tenant than a dirty one.

If the apartment is still occupied, ask the present tenant to keep the unit as clean as possible. If you have an “Oscar Madison” for a tenant, there’s not much you can do. It is our job as your agent to help a prospective tenant see past a messy apartment.

Make sure the agent has a full set of working keys and the present tenant’s home and work phone numbers.

First appearances are very important: the outside of the property should be clean and well maintained.

Listen to your agent with regard to market values and trends, and price your apartment accordingly. Your agent has first-hand knowledge of rental rates for other properties on the market and is familiar with your competition.

Don’t hover over the showing. Landlords can intimidate prospective tenants and prevent them from viewing the property comfortably. We try to make prospective tenants at ease so they can get a thorough view, including closets, porches, views, etc. This also gives the agent “open space” to properly sell the unit. Having the landlord present can confuse the situation. Let the agent do his or her job.

Keep an open mind and be patient. Don’t rush the agent. If the unit is still vacant after 30 days, consult your agent — is it price, cosmetics, or market conditions? Don’t accept an unqualified tenant just to fill a vacancy. An unsuitable tenant can cost as much as three months’ lost rent, plus court costs and attorney’s fees if eviction is necessary.

Make sure your agent has a thorough knowledge of the property, including heating costs; parking; lead paint; schools; public transportation; appliances; etc. We use this information as our sales tools.

Hire a qualified agent. We are here to aid and protect you. Make sure your agent is familiar with the MASSACHUSETTS LAWS and your needs.

Make sure your NEW tenant has thorough knowledge of your home when it comes to fuses, circuit breakers and especially water shut offs. If your house tends to freeze advise your tenant as to the hot spots. You'll get fewer calls in the middle of the night!


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